The easiest, most cost-efficient and impactful action any person can do to remove their carbon footprint.


What we’ve done so far

Climate champs from
our community
have eliminated
kilos of CO2 to date
And with your help,
our goal is that
kilos will have
been eliminated by
the end of 2018.

How it works

Chooose is a climate action platform that battles the core problem of climate change - emissions from big polluters.

Companies that pollute buy carbon credits equivalent to the tons of CO2 they release into the atmosphere.

Chooose also buys carbon credits. But instead of polluting, we tear them up and remove them from circulation completely. The money paid for carbon credits goes to UN-certified clean energy projects in developing countries.

Actions at home are important, but they can only reduce your carbon footprint by about ⅓.

Chooose enables you to offset your entire carbon footprint. Our platform can either serve as a simple first step on a sustainable journey or supplement existing climate action. We welcome everyone.

What’s your plan?

Choooser Level


$ 3.50 / month

Remove your travel CO2 footprint.

Choooser Level


$ 9.90 / month

Remove your whole CO2

Choooser Level


$ 19.80 / month

Remove two times your CO2 footprint.

Choooser Level


$ 39.90 / month

Remove 4 times your CO2 footprint.

Choooser Level


$ 17.50 / month

Make your whole family
climate positive!

Gift for friends and family?

Choooser Level

Half Mate

$ 59.40

Gift 1/2 year climate positivity.

Choooser Level

The Mate

$ 118.80

Gift 1 year of climate positivity.

Are you a business?

Chooose partners with brands to make products and services climate positive.