We're here to address the big problem

Together with our partners, CHOOOSE is creating a new conversation around climate change. One that is action-oriented and inspires creative, climate positive actions with measurable impact.

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The story of CHOOOSE

A lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, an environmental engineer, an expert on positive psychology and a communications advisor walked into a bar. This is actually the beginning of the CHOOOSE story; five people with different backgrounds starting to discuss why it was so hard for us to act and engage in climate change.

We came to realize that the feeling we all shared did not come from not caring about the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced. It came from the feeling of climate apathy, and soon we had a theory of why; climate change has a serious communication problem.

We believe that the traditional doomsday messaging surrounding climate change is not connecting as it should with ordinary people and mainstream culture. But even when the message does connect, there is no obvious roadmap for people and organizations on how to act to create real and measurable impact.

CHOOOSE was established to put this theory to the test, by changing the narrative on climate communication, and give people and brands easy access to the most recognized and impactful climate action tools available today.

The team

Andreas Slettvoll



Joseph Beaudin

Head of B2B

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Martine Kveim

Head of Strategic Partnerships

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Gaute Gamst


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Karl Axel Bauer


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Christian Thommessen



Henrik Guderud

Head of Communications & Marketing

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Celine Marie Moe

Head of Brand & Marketing

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Caroline Heiberg

Business Development

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Lauren Gifford

PHD Carbon Advisor

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Amina Merkebawi


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Stine Alfredsen

Office Manager

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Olivier Levallois

Head of Carbon Solutions

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Kristian Tønseth

Head of Legal & Compliance

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