We wanted to make it delightfully simple for everyone to address their carbon footprint.
- So we did.

CHOOOSE connects people and brands in more than 50 countries with the world’s best climate action solutions.

Impactful climate solutions and carbon offsetting for businesses and individuals

Award-winning tech solutions

The story of CHOOOSE

In 2017, we were just five people who knew that we needed to fundamentally change something. In the world as well as in our own lives. Climate change was a constant presence in the news and in our minds, yet all of us felt powerless. Insignificant.

We realized that so did everybody else.

There was no easy place to start. No actions that seemed manageable or effective. And worse, there were no solutions out there that inspired us.

We wanted to change that. So we did.

Today, we are a CHOOOSE community with members from over 50 countries, and we are proud to put our name next to several world-first initiatives and collaborations with forward-thinking brands.


The world needs climate action. We all have to do our part, but some of our carbon emissions are simply unavoidable. CHOOOSE exists to help individuals and organizations address this unavoidable footprint as we all work toward a low-carbon society. No matter who you are, or where you live, CHOOOSE is for everyone who wants to take measurable climate action.

The toolkit of choice

The CHOOOSE climate toolkit is a place that inspires us to do more and collaborate because we know that a complicated task does not get solved by one person. It takes collaboration. It takes a village.

It’s our partners and members who make change happen. Our job is to support them and make the process as easy and inspiring as possible. So easy that all you have to do is to choose.

What makes CHOOOSE special?

We let you choose your projects. Powering the CHOOOSE platform are curated global portfolios of CO2e-reducing or -avoiding projects. Our members and partners can select how to execute their offsetting and which projects to support.

We measure success by impact. For us, making a positive climate impact always comes first. That is our bottom line.

We change the narrative. Climate change has been wrapped in a negative and finger-pointing discourse. That’s unproductive. CHOOOSE focuses on creating the motivation needed to act by changing the narrative. We are not “green.” We are pink, positive and optimistic, meaning that we focus on positive news, results, and solutions.

We disrupt the industry. With next-generation APIs for carbon offsetting, CHOOOSE allows businesses to integrate climate action into existing products and services. By utilizing the newest technologies, we disrupt the way individuals and businesses can act on climate change.

We combine climate action with culture. We believe art, sports, and culture are the most natural vehicles for connecting with ideas and building an engaged community. CHOOOSE partners with artists, athletes, creators, festivals, and events to infuse measurable climate action with culture.

Need inspiration?

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The CHOOOSE ethos: Action over everything

Everyone talks about climate change. Too few act on it.

We created CHOOOSE to give the world a platform where fighting climate change is as easy as having a Netflix account.

The CHOOOSE platform enables everyone to act while making sure the methods work and have a measurable impact on CO2e emissions.

We are not a political organization. CHOOOSE is simply for anyone who thinks a climate-friendly society is a win-win.

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