Chooose a cooler world

Buying CO2 emission permits and chewing them to shreds really makes a difference for the climate. Sounds like it would take hard, complicated, time-consuming and expensive work? No way, Jose! Chooose makes it engaging and easy to be a climate hero.

If you stop driving, recycle everything, stop eating meat, stop flying…well basically stop every action that pollutes – you’ll only reduce about a third of your personal CO2 footprint. The big problem is the big polluters. This is where Chooose steps in, and where Chooosers make a stand.

This is Chooose

Chooose is a platform for climate action, and we’re plugged in to your everyday life. CO2 is totally normal. But there’s nothing normal with the big industries’ emissions of it. You alone can eliminate tonnes of CO2 hurting our atmosphere and oceans. And help us in the fight against global warming.

Industries need permits, quotas, to release certain amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. And when the run out of quotas, they just buy more. We can’t have that.

You can help by removing CO2 quotas from the market. We simply buy emission quotas, tear them apart, and throw them in the trash – making them unavailable for the big polluters – wherever they are. It’s not stealing, it’s taking back control.

We have eliminated thousands of tonnes so far, using the official UN and EU programs. As a Choooser, you have a huge effect on eliminating CO2 emissions. Becoming a Choooser means stating that you love our planet, without taking a political standpoint. Yeah, with minimal effort and a manageable sum of money you can be a real climate hero right now!

Making it expensive to pollute

We can’t wait for politicians to act at some point in the future – climate change is not a far-off problem, it’s here. But we can snatch the CO2 permissions from under the industrial polluter’s noses and disrupt the CO2 market. And we can grab them where it hurts the most (which is where they stash their cash) and make the price of their pollution go up, so that the dirty businesses must clean up (or shut down).

And every person counts. You count. To what degree, you may ask. Well, that depends on where you live. We have found that a useful measurement is CO2 emissions per person in each specific country. Under that measurement, the average American is responsible for 17 tonnes per person on a yearly basis, and the average Swedish citizen clocks in at just under 5 tonnes. The average European have a footprint of slightly more, 7.5 tonnes per person and year.

A Norwegian hero

Chooose AS is a Norwegian limited liability company. Chooose won startup of the year in Norway’s largest startup competition in 2017, best bootstrapped company in Norway in 2017, and is one of 25 companies globally picked for the finals at Extreme Tech Challenge. The company is registered in the Norwegian Quota Registry, operated by the Norwegian Climate Directorate. Chooose has access to the closed EU ETS trading market for acquisition and deletion of EU-quotas. The Norwegian Climate Directorate performs a thorough due diligence before companies are granted access to the Norwegian Quota Registry. Chooose is already working with several well-known brands such as GET, TDC, Storebrand, Bislett Games and Red Bull.

Join Chooose today and go climate positive.