We're here to address the
big problem
We're here to address the big problem

In large part, the message around climate change is not connecting or inspiring mainstream culture. But even when the message does connect, there is no obvious roadmap for people and organizations to create measurable impact.

Together with our partners, Chooose is creating a new conversation around climate change. One that is action-oriented and inspires creative, climate positive actions with measurable impact.

Top 10 finalist
at Extreme Tech Challenge
A global leader in
retiring carbon credits
First to retire a carbon
credit on the blockchain
The team

Andreas Slettvoll

Group CEO

Martine Kveim

Creative Director & Partnerships

Amina Merkebawi


Joergen Aaboe

Marketing, USA

Ana Velasco

Creative Strategy, USA

Jackson Hinkle

Youth Director / Partnerships

Itzcuauhtli Martinez

Photographer / Partnerships

Eric Doak


Celine Moe

Brand Manager

Alex Marchillo

Business Development, USA

Lester Crafton

Creative Partnerships

Alea Rain

Creative Partnerships

Dr. Lauren Gifford

Advisor, Carbon Market Expert