Anie Delgado: A Creative With A Heart for the Planet

The musician and actress talks creativity and how she came to CHOOOSE.

Anie Delgado is a multi-hyphenate artist, swimming seamlessly between the worlds of music and film. But not only is Delgado a genuine creative spirit, she is also a lover of the earth, aware of the responsibility we all have in securing a more sustainable planet. Anie’s awareness manifests into her creative endeavors, which made for an obvious choice as a community builder at CHOOOSE after a fortuitous encounter on Bumble Business. To understand the symbiosis between her work and her relationship to the planet we asked the young talent a few questions. Read on.

How did you first hear about CHOOOSE?

I first heard about CHOOOSE from a fellow Bumble Business user Lester Crafton. Upon connecting Lester and I didn’t seem to have much in common. I’m a singer working on my debut EP and he ran a variety of social projects; however, a line in his bio about working to better the environment caught my eye and I thought why not connect anyways. We got to talking and he brought me into the office to talk about CHOOOSE and what they are doing to prevent climate change. I was surprised at how much he and I actually did have in common and how our common interest in saving the environment and our unique skill sets and assets could make us the perfect team. This is what I love about Bumble Business: it empowers you to connect with others and see where your interests overlap. It allows you to identify your differences and use them to achieve a common goal. That’s what I am doing with Lester and CHOOOSE.

What about CHOOOSE interested you in creating a partnership?

When I heard that I could make a positive impact on the climate change issue just by using my voice, I immediately wanted to work with CHOOOSE. I am so blessed to have a platform and I firmly believe it’s my responsibility to use it for good. I love what CHOOOSE is now and I love what it’s going to become. Lester has plans to integrate music into saving the environment and I’m so excited to integrate my passion for music and the environment. I’m even more excited to get my fans on board with helping the environment too.

What do you think is the biggest impact about pairing climate action with creative industries like yours?

I love what I do and it’s an absolute pleasure every time I get to share my music with someone. If I could put on a free show for people who have chosen to invest in the environment, I see it as a win win win for everyone. As things get more expensive, people have to make choices about where they are spending their money. If they are getting access to free shows, music, and interactions with artists when they chose to invest in the environment, it’s even more of an incentive for them to do what’s right. Also just by nature you’re getting a bunch of creative people who care about the same thing together. There’s no end to what solutions and innovations we can create by using our unique talents.

What advice would you give to people who want to be more climate positive but don’t know where to start?

Start small and do a little every day. Just like a diet, it’s hard to wake up and say “today I’m going to save the planet.” I started my journey by being more aware of my carbon footprint. I started by trying out a vegan diet. Then I started to be more diligent about recycling. Then I started riding my bike to more places. Eventually a bunch of small actions will set a big movement in motion. If you get 5 of your friends to join you, that wave is even bigger.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Trust yourself. In my industry at the beginning, which is pretty much where I am now, it’s really easy to doubt yourself, to quit, to make excuses. I’ve recently learned how to trust myself and that has brought so much confidence to me. I feel like it’s allowed me to love every part of the journey and what I am doing. It’s allowed me to get involved with amazing projects like CHOOOSE and it’s allowed me to be 100% present to opportunities.