Being a CHOOOSER means …

That it’s easier for you to help combat climate change


As long as you live, you’ll have a footprint. Some emissions are unavoidable, and that’s why CHOOOSE will help you compensate them.

Hydropower in Vietnam

As a member, you help finance CO2 reducing projects in developing countries by purchasing carbon credits, verified by the UN. These projects will replace oil, coal and gas with clean energy.

So, not only do you help accelerate the green shift, but in addition these projects are required to help meet at least three of the UN sustainable development goals, which could be for instance clean water and sanitation or reduced inequalities.

Being a CHOOOSEr allows you to track your impact, and if you prefer specific projects based on the topics you engage in, we’ll help you find those as well.

In other words: with a portfolio of climate change actions, CHOOOSE allows you to make an impact beyond your everyday life.

And by the way: you should still reduce, reuse and recycle! The more, the merrier 💚

Lastly, it makes the perfect gift for others who should care for the planet too (= everyone)!

Pick your plan now!