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Carbon balance your business

CHOOOSE can be plugged into any experience, product or service. Our brand partnerships have an impact at the core, offers easy implementation and provides limitless opportunities for creative execution.

Our projects correspond to at least 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and provides clean power and other benefits such as new jobs, better sanitary conditions and clean water for the local community.


CHOOOSE for flights

Balance the environmental footprint of your company flights.

CHOOOSE for employees

Attract and retain the right people with climate positive employees.

CHOOOSE for e-commerce

Give your customers the option to carbon balance their cart when shopping online.

CHOOOSE for products, services and events

The climate-action-plugin that interacts with consumers.

Get inspired by some of our awesome partners!

Organic Basics

Carbon balanced products

Organic Basics have implemented CHOOOSE by offsetting 100 kilo CO2 for every order on behalf of their consumer. They have also launched their «Goodbye Carbon» concept, where their customers are invited to take an active part in Organics Basics environmental efforts. Read more

Matcha bar

Carbon balanced products

Together with CHOOOSE, Matchabar has launched the world’s first climate positive energy drink Matcha offsets 25 pounds of carbon pollution per can sold at Wholefoods, which is more than double the environmental footprint created during the manufacturing and transportation of the beverage.Read more

Designers Remix

Carbon balanced products

Designers Remix has bundled every piece they produce with CHOOOSE. The carbon is balanced with an offshore wind farm in Vietnam, creating green and sustainable energy for a country in desperate need of reliable and clean sources of energy.Read more


Carbon balanced services

TISE recently launched one of the world’s first climate-friendly mobile subscriptions together with CHOOOSE. For each GB surfed, your CO2 footprint is compensated for. Additionally, TISE offers climate-friendly shipping bundled with CHOOOSE. For each ordered shipped, Tise reduces 50 kilo CO2 per package giving the consumer a climate-friendly delivery service. Read more

«The world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis that will impact all walks of life. Nobody will be able to ignore it and we all have to make a choice: Be part of the problem or be part of the solution. We all need to carefully consider how we can change and improve our ways of life to ensure that our children and future generations will be able to continue to thrive and develop. There are many things we can do to reduce our climate impact, but often we still have an unavoidable climate footprint that may be difficult to get rid of. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. On the contrary, we should compensate our remaining footprint by helping others to reduce their emissions. The type of compensation and offsetting projects that CHOOOSE is socializing and promoting represent the best standards of international emission reductions support available today. We are happy to see CHOOOSE and all its supporters taking a leadership position in addressing the climate crisis for the benefit of our world, and that of our children»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

Some of our climate-friendly partners

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