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Sustainability as a Service™ for your business

Accelerate climate action at your company.

Acting on climate change is becoming the norm, and employees, vendors and customers expect companies to be part of the solution.

Acting on climate change is becoming the norm, and employees, vendors and customers expect companies to be part of the solution.

enables your business to easily calculate, track and offset its carbon footprint by supporting high-impact climate projects, all in one place.

Climate program at your fingertips

WeCHOOOSE let's you handle everything carbon; all in one place.

Authenticity from the inside out

A climate program that drives engagement for employees and customers.

Attract and retain talent

Select the carbon projects that match your company values.

makes it easy for your company to act on climate

Business operations

Compensate the unavoidable carbon footprint for the key operations of your business.

Corporate travel

Some business trips are unavoidable. WeCHOOOSE lets you calculate and compensate for the carbon footprint of your corporate travels.

A staff perk

Compensate employee footprints and give your climate positive workforce access to engage with their positive impact. The ultimate employee benefit!

Company values

Match climate projects to your company values by selecting the type of projects you want to support.

You're in good hands

CHOOOSE provides advisory services across all program facets. From measuring emissions to selecting climate projects, technical design and development, CHOOOSE works with its partners to plan, launch and support their climate programs.

Are you interested in providing your customers' climate compensation, but you do not directly manage an e-commerce store or consumer application? In that case, we can work with you to deliver a range of hosted solutions.

"We in Santander empower customers, employees and partners to have the possibility to make responsible choices – aligned with the responsible banking strategy. Santander shares values and ambitions with CHOOOSE, which is why we have chosen to become one of the organization’s main partners in Norway."

Knut Øvernes
Managing Director, Santander

"It’s important that we advocate for our playground so that we have places to play and be active for years to come, which is why we’re excited to partner with CHOOOSE on our first carbon offset program"

Tyler Haney
Founder & Chairwoman, Outdoor Voices

“CHOOOSE presents next-level innovation in carbon offsetting with ease to meaningfully communicate and amplify your corporate carbon commitment.”

Aurelia Figueroa
Head of Sustainability, Breitling

«Together we are offering a best-in-class solution for our customers»

Geir Karlsen
CFO, Norwegian Air Shuttle

Looking to integrate climate action?

CONNECT ™ provides everything you need to deliver seamless, high-impact climate compensation options to your customers — directly in your e-commerce checkout or consumer application.

«The type of compensation projects CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standards of international emission reductions available today.»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

The new standard in climate action

CHOOOSE actively sources and manages a global portfolio of climate projects from which Partners can select to power their climate compensation programs. From verified carbon offset projects to future-looking Nature-based solutions, CHOOOSE enables partners to offer climate compensation that fits their corporate values. CHOOOSE handles all of the details, from recurring climate compensation execution (i.e. carbon credit retirement and certification), offset volume forecasting, technical administration, and reporting.

Start offsetting your company’s carbon footprint today!

enables your business to effortlessly calculate and offset its carbon footprint, to understand and engage with your positive impact and relate to the projects you are supporting.