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Easy implementation
Monstrous impact
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The ultimate brand partnership for purpose-driven organizations

CHOOOSE can be plugged into any experience, product or service. This brand partnership has impact at its core and limitless opportunities for creative execution.

Offset flights

Offset the carbon footprint generated by your flights with CHOOOSE

Climate positive employees

Attract and retain the right people with tangible climate action benefits

Climate positive events

Infuse meaningful climate action into events that gather your community

Climate positive products

Engage and inspire your customers around what you know matters to them

What our partners say

Gift The Hustle Campaign


MatchaBar reached out to CHOOOSE for a climate positive partnership around their energy drink. For every can of Hustle sold at Whole Foods Market, CHOOOSE offsets 25 pounds of CO2 to cover all carbon-producing activities taking place during the “Gift The Hustle” campaign.

Norway Cup Activation


Santander partnered with Chooose to make the largest soccer tournament in the world climate positive by offsetting more CO2 than the 30,000 Norway Cup participants left behind for a week. The activation drove massive engagement at the event and heavy usage of the Snapchat filter.

Employee Benefits Program


Unacast has - along with other great companies such as Scatec Solar and Get TDC - embraced climate positivity as an employee benefit to attract and retain top talent. The carbon footprint of each employee is offset, sparking individual engagement.

Award winning DJ and producer


For Matoma, making his concerts climate positive is a powerful way to raise awareness for an important issue in an engaging way “For this tour, I’m proud to work with CHOOOSE and their collaboration with UNFCCC to not just offset my carbon footprint but to add to the positivity.”

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