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Partner with CHOOOSE and join the climate positive movement sweeping the globe. Engage your employees in fighting climate change with positivity and take a stand as a climate positive company. We´ll be the bridge for your CSR-strategy from the boardroom to engaging your employees – turning every person who works for your company into a positive climate action.


Chooose employee benefit programs

Making climate positivity a part of your company DNA is a a great way to endorse, attract and retain purpose-driven employees. Introducing climate positivity as an employee benefit is also big win for planet earth.

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World Citizen



2 x World Average footprint

USD 500 /month

Tonnes 1000 /year

Custom Digital Certificate
E-mail stories
UN Certification
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Why should you go Climate Positive?

The no. 1 concern of employees born between 1982 – 2000 is climate change. According to the World Economic Forum and their millennial report, more than 31,000 responders from 186 countries and territories consider climate change to be their No. 1 concern. Simultaneously more than half of them believe that their views are being ignored by employers.

CHOOOSE enables you to empower your employees to make a real, massive and measurable difference by removing pollution in their name – and positioning your company as an active player in the battle against climate change.

Not convinced?

The problem for many companies is that their corporate social responsibility program is largely unnoticed by your employees. The CHOOOSE program is designed to maximize engagement, which then also makes it the vehicle for you to tell the rest of your corporate social responsibility story.

So it’s bigger than just our solution – it’s a program built to engage employees, which is the unlock for companies to get the benefits you want around attracting and retaining top young talent.

  • Low barrier & low cost – monstrous impact
    Join the most cost-effective way to combat the biggest challenge of our time and offset more CO2 than your employees, products and services leave behind. For a cost less than a coffee per month.
  • Make sustainability fun and engaging
    Join us in changing the narrative on climate change from doomsday to positivity and take a stand as a climate positive company.
  • Attract and retain talents
    Making climate positivity a part of your company DNA is a big win for planet earth. Introducing climate positivity as an employee benefit is also a great way to endorse, attract and retain purpose-driven employees.
  • Be endorsed by the UN
    Our partnership with the UN secures both that the climate effect is achieved, and you can be certified as a climate positive company (and the UN can post content on your achievements).

What our customers say

“Making my concerts Climate Positive is a powerful way of raising awareness on an important issue in an engaging way. For this tour I’m proud to work with Chooose and their collaboration with UNFCCC to not just offset my carbon footprint put to add the positivity.”


Award-winning DJ and producer

Happy Chooosers


Key benefits

  • One Month with CHOOOSE = >20 Years of Recycling
    CHOOOSE is the most effective tool in the world for fighting pollution and reducing CO2 emissions. If you recycled all of your waste for 20-30 years, you would have the same climate effect as you would with partnering with CHOOOSE for one month.
  • Low cost – high impact
    Deleting the footprint of a World Citizen for a month is less than the cost of a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, or $3.5 per month per person.
  • Official partnership with the UN
    CHOOOSE has partnered with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), allowing us to assist our partners in being qualified into the UN ́s Climate Neutral Now program. This allows our qualified partners to use the UNFCCC logo in their marketing materials and to be promoted by the UN, via their channels and web.
  • Content and marketing value-adds
    CHOOOSE provides a variety of marketing value-adds. You will for example get tailored certificates for your employees (that can be upgraded to physical certificates made from plantable seedpaper), custom e-mail stories with personalized, fun and engaging content, and a digital widget for your companies website, showing your climate positive impact in real time!

Why collaborate with CHOOOSE?

CHOOOSE is the fastest growing community of climate positivity in the world.
In collaboration with the UN, we help individuals and companies offset more CO2 than they create. On your behalf, CHOOOSE buys carbon credits, or “quotas,” tears them up, and throws them in the trash. We’re working to raise the cost of pollution, and to encourage companies to find greener ways to do business.

  • #1 Platform for climate positivity
    We are the biggest and fastest growing community of climate positivity in the world. Together with more than 100 000 users, subscribers and partners, – we organize events and meetups to further engage in sustainable action.
  • • World leading in buying and deleting carbon credits from the UN
  • A first mover in the blockchain-space
    CHOOOSE is a first mover in retiring carbon credits on a blockchain, and are currently developing our blockchain-implementation to tokenize positive impact.
  • Named Top 10 Startup in the World
    The world’s largest startup competition, Extreme Tech Challenge named us a top ten startup in the world and best Nordic company in 2018.
  • Responsible for 5% of all CO2 cuts in Norway, 2017
    CHOOOSE has blocked more than 30 000 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere by plugging climate action into events, brands, and products.


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