Small bottle – big impact

Here’s the bottle that stops 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. 

Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup CO2NTROL – their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

CHOOOSE at #theimpact100

We’re proud to earn a spot on #theimpact100 list.

– We aim to solve important issues

To PwC, caring about the environment is an obvious social responsibility.

Reduced 6000 tons of CO2 on behalf of their employees

To battle climate change, Get and Telia is financing a clean water project.

CHOOOSE a sustainable sky!

OceanSky joins forces with CHOOOSE for their expedition from Svalbard to The North Pole.

CHOOOSE A Cooler Advent Calendar pt. I

We sum up our advent calendar into a two part list.

A Last Minute Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifting

Need ideas for what to gift this holiday season? Let us be your green guides.

JAJA Tequila Gives Back with a Toast

JAJA is a new tequila brand that gives back to where it comes from.