foodpanda Singapore furthers its sustainability efforts with Happy Hour with an Impact

To celebrate World Food Day, the Singapore’s leading food delivery company, partners with CHOOOSE to provide ‘climate positive’ option.

Holy shorts! Outdoor Voices teams up with CHOOOSE for the launch of The Solar Shorts

Outdoor Voices partners with CHOOOSE to introduce The Solar Short – a solar-panel inspired classic nylon short that bundles performance with climate impact.

Foodpanda teams up with CHOOOSE

Like most things in life, bringing good food into the everyday has an environmental footprint. Foodpanda believe in avoiding as much of this as they can 🌎

Help us share why we are here

On our mission to create a positive impact on Planet Earth, we need more people to know about CHOOOSE. If you want, you can help us by sharing the message. And if you do, thanks a bunch for your contribution to combat climate change!

girl in red goes green with CHOOOSE

For her upcoming US & Europe tour, the Norwegian musician girl in red is using her voice to raise awareness for climate action by creating one of the world’s first ‘climate positive’ music tours.

– We want to act because we must. There is no other option. The time is now.

Charles Gifford Post and Rachel Pohl just became CHOOOSERs. 

5 gifts for climate champs

… that aren’t things. 

3 ways to convince your friend to become a climate champ

Our planet needs more climate champs! 

Stream the outfits of your kids

Tuckify is revolutionizing retail, letting customers subscribe to kids clothing instead of buying new ones.