Contemporary art + climate measures = 🤩

OpenART, Scandinavia’s largest biennial for contemporary art, integrate climate measures as they open their 2019 exhibition. 

Designers Remix is signing UN climate initiative

Designers Remix is officially signing the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge as the first Danish designer brand.

Some food for thought

… on ways to achieve a low-carbon-diet. 

Radical Broccoli launches new book

The sisters share the places, people, products, and food that is in line with the values they live after.

The world’s first «climate positive» hockey team

Sports and the Entertainment Industry has a fundamental role to raise awareness for climate action, and now the Norwegian national hockey team takes lead.

Volt launches climate positive clothes

Volt launches climate positive clothes. Every piece bought is a way of fighting climate change.

Now you can walk the talk

The new Danish sneakers brand elliott joins forces with CHOOOSE and launches climate positive sneakers.

Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup CO2NTROL – their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

Sustainable fashion, how?

With help from F5 Concept Store, we’ve put together a list of criteria for a long lasting wardrobe. 

Climate must-reads for your book shelf

Welcome to the world of cli-fi. Yes, climate fiction has its own term now. Yay!