Win tickets to Matomas “One in a Million” documentary!

The documentary about Matoma’s life and the world’s first climate positive music tour is coming to a cinema near you.

Say hello to Slushtainability!

Hurray! Slush is launching a Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Fortum and CHOOOSE!

Join us for the world’s first climate positive afterwork!

Our great partner Asia Aker Brygge are now initiating the first #climatepositive afterwork ever in a series of events.

The world’s most climate positive Christmas gift. Ever!

Are you hunting for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who loves Planet Earth? Good news, we got you covered with a gift card from CHOOOSE!

The morning rave that cleans the planet as you dance

Mornings are made up of rituals; pressing snooze, drinking coffee, getting to the shower before anyone else wakes up. But what if your ritual involved a party in the wee hours of the morning that leave you feeling energetic, grateful, and inspired all before going to work?