– We want to act because we must. There is no other option. The time is now.

Charles Gifford Post and Rachel Pohl just became CHOOOSERs. 

“Use your vote, be an activist”

Meet Nikolai Schirmer, the skier who wants to ride better with lower emissions. Here’s his view on climate change. 

“No avocados enter the island”

Astrid Regine Nässlander (27), the chef at Manshausen, has her principles.

A historical roar for the climate

… and an after work you don’t want to miss! 

Ice on Fire: the follow-up by Leo

DiCaprio’s second movie on climate change just premiered. 

Displacing fossil fuels in India

This Solar Power project in Gujarat reduces CO2 emissions by 24,520 tonnes annually. 

Repurposing emissions to create clean energy

A starch factory in Thailand turns emissions from wastewater into biogas energy. 

Measure your environmental impact with EarthTracks

The app is pre-launched and offers gamified challenges, in addition to aggregating data about our personal and collective impact.

Clean electricity for 19780 homes

With the help from members of CHOOOSE, the Za Hung Hydropower Plant helps balance the supply and demand gap of electricity in Vietnam.