Organic Basics says goodbye to carbon

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will offset 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed. 

They are spending 9 months in this Svalbard-hut

Here’s the first all-female overwintering project in Svalbard, Norway, to survey climate change escalation.

Simen Knudsen surfing at Hoddevika

A crevice full of plastic became a summer mission for Simen Knudsen

When hundreds of kilos of plastic were washed up on the west coast of Norway, Simen Knudsen made the clean-out an adventure. See for yourself in the short documentary Tavaha.

A Green Q&A With Loyola Marymount University

A glimpse into LMU’s sustainability leadership.

Anie Delgado: A Creative With A Heart for the Planet

The musician and actress talks creativity and how she came to CHOOOSE.

Five Sustainable Habits to Try This Year

Five tips for a more sustainable 2019

Matoma combines real climate action with culture

Matoma and CHOOOSE proudly presents the world’s first climate positive music tour.

As Jackson Hinkle’s Bid for City Council Ends, His Journey Begins

At 19 years old Jackson Hinkle became one of the youngest people to run for City Council. As election results determine San Clemente’s politics, Hinkle gives thanks to those who supported him in this stage of his journey.