Foodpanda teams up with CHOOOSE

Like most things in life, bringing good food into the everyday has an environmental footprint. Foodpanda believe in avoiding as much of this as they can 🌎

girl in red goes green with CHOOOSE

For her upcoming US tour, the Norwegian musician girl in red is using her voice to raise awareness for climate action by creating one of the world’s first ‘climate positive’ music tours.

– We want to act because we must. There is no other option. The time is now.

Charles Gifford Post and Rachel Pohl just became CHOOOSERs. 

Why boat sharing is a genius thing

Kruser is introducing the concept of boat sharing to Norway, and it’s environmentally beneficial all the way. 

No noise, no pollution – this is Brim

The founders of the electric ship aim to raise the bar in the tourism industry. 

“Use your vote, be an activist”

Meet Nikolai Schirmer, the skier who wants to ride better with lower emissions. Here’s his view on climate change. 

Kragerøfest goes ‘climate-neutral’

Teaming up with CHOOOSE, Kragerøfest reduces a total of 160 tonnes of CO2 by making all guests and artists ‘climate-neutral’ during the festival.  

“No avocados enter the island”

Astrid Regine Nässlander (27), the chef at Manshausen, has her principles.

A historical roar for the climate

… and an after work you don’t want to miss! 

Ice on Fire: the follow-up by Leo

DiCaprio’s second movie on climate change just premiered.