Chooose birthday

 Being a choooser is about making it a no brainer to lead a carbon neutral lifestyle. Oslo entrepreneur and early Choooser Simon Strumse (co-founder and CEO of movie-app company Filmgrail) choooses to use his 30th birthday to introduce his network and friends to the concept. We welcome the already climate friendly event featuring bio-mass fueled (yeah, just a fancy word for wood-fired) saunas and swimming in the Oslo fjord as the first carbon-positive birthday-party in the chooose family. As for the birthday boy himself he has this to say about his choooice:

“I’ve never been a fan of the carbon tax system. In my opinion a surplus of cheap quotas has made it more of a tool to greenwash emissions than to reduce them. Chooose gives me the opportunity to take my carbon-emissions, and even a few additional tons straight off the market instead. It’s affordable enough for everybody to do it, and if everybody did, firing up a coal plant would be an expensive business the next day. Making my birthday carbon-positive is a small start, but norwegians spend 24 million hours in cinemas every year, and many times that watching movies and series at home. If we find a way to integrate carbon-neutrality into the product that would end up becoming quite a few tons.”




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