Ship o´hoy! Chooose to set sail for around the world journey

On April 2nd, the official Chooose sailing yacht ”Atwa” will set sails for a remarkable journey on the seven seas. With our Chooosebassador Alex as captain, Atwa will sail from Oslo to Brest and around the British isles, before embarking on several regattas in Europe and across the Atlantic ocean – and ultimately around the world.

 Captain Alex is himself a remarkable personality. Born in the Soviet Union in the early 60s, he has lived a life packed with adventures and historic moments – from living in East Germany in the 80s and witnessing ringside the fall of the Berlin Wall to several years in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Russia, Norway and now – aboard the beauty Atwa as a citizen of the world.

Captain Alex tells us that: “The name ”Atwa” was the term used in the old language by Pomor sailors for seagulls, when sailing as far north as Svalbard. Atwa is also an abbreviation for Air Trees Water Animals”.

Atwa is a beautiful, brand new Sun Odyssey 449 profiled with on her side. Captain Alex will update all Chooosers on their journey and work relentlessly on raising awareness on environmental issues and climate change among fellow sailors (and Chooosers) while in port – and gather information and documentation while sailing. We can’t wait to wave farewell, and look forward to receiving Choooseletters from Atwa and Captain Alex´ spectacular ”Chooose-around-the-world-trip”.

Ship o´hoy!



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