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Get instant access to some of the most impactful CO2e reducing- or avoiding climate projects around the world, carefully selected by qualified carbon professionals.

Impact that match your values

Our customer promise is to always support the best possible CO2e reducing projects on your behalf. We continuously keep track of emerging projects and technologies to make sure that our projects always deliver on the highest standards and ethics. CHOOOSE only select projects that adhere to at least 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that your support also creates additional social and environmental impact.

Our curated selection of project portfolios makes it easy to support climate projects that match your values. The portfolios are continually updated and consist of carefully selected projects within a range of impactful methods for CO2e reduction. By logging in to WeCHOOOSE you can easily monitor the projects you support, track your impact, and update your portfolio. WeCHOOOSE.

Project selections

Blue Carbon

The ocean absorbs most of global warming. With blue carbon projects like mangrove planting we can restore our oceans ability to absorb carbon.

Community projects

The community projects help local communities in need with access to better solutions for cooking, to water, and to contribute lifting people out of poverty.

Trees and natural based solutions

We support carefully selected tree-planting programs that deliver transparency and ensures as many planted trees as possible survive.

Renewable energy

The transition from fossile based energy production to renewable needs acceleration, and we support projects replacing coal and oil with renewable alternatives.

Carbon Removal

In collaboration with Puro/Fortum, we have access to projects that capture carbon from the athmosphere and store the carbon in stable ways.


We build custom portfolios for enterprise partners within a wide range of alternatives; Sustainable aviation fuel, rainforest protection or restoring peatlands.

The CHOOOSE project requirements:

✔ Demonstrably represents real CO2e emissions reduced or avoided

✔ Emission savings occur because of project funding. This means we are not counting a CO2e reduction that would have happened anyway

✔ Verified by an independent third party

✔ Certified to the most rigorous and recognized international carbon standards

✔ Generates social and environmental impacts beyond reducing or avoiding CO2e

✔ Generated through projects with low risks of discontinuity

✔ Directs as much funds as possible towards projects, by eliminating the middleman wherever possible

✔ Features clear emission reduction data

✔ In addition to these, CHOOOSE supports the program design elements and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Don’t just take our word for it

«The type of compensation projects CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standards of international emission reductions available today.»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

CHOOOSE actively sources and manages a global portfolio of climate projects to power your climate compensation programs. From verified carbon offset projects to future-looking Nature-based solutions, CHOOOSE enables business to select climate compensation that fits their corporate preferences.

We got your (carbon) back: CHOOOSE handles all of the details, from recurring climate compensation execution (i.e. carbon credit retirement and certification), to offset volume forecasting and technical administration, to compensation reporting.

Making climate action smooth

✔ CHOOOSE enables everyone to act on climate change

Carbon offsetting is an important tool for every brand pursuing a more sustainable future. However, legacy offsetting providers have failed to connect with consumers. CO2 calculations have been onerous and carbon pricing has been unclear, which makes it difficult to tell if you’re actually making a difference. CHOOOSE changes all of this.

✔ Projects are hand-picked by carbon professionals

Powering the CHOOOSE Platform is a curated portfolio of CO2e reducing projects from which your business can select to execute its offsetting. Projects qualifying to the CHOOOSE portfolio are certified by leading third-party agencies and continually monitored by the CHOOOSE network of carbon professionals.

✔ We take care of the work so you can focus on business

Through CHOOOSE Connect API or custom integrations, verifiable climate impact can be integrated into everyday business.  CHOOOSE calculates carbon footprints, administrates the corresponding carbon offsets and enables our partners to track impact along the way. Our professional team handles all of the details.

✔ Positive messaging and creative partnerships

CHOOOSE is not a political, nor activist organization. We simply think a climate friendly society is good for everyone. At CHOOOSE we believe in a new conversation. One that is action oriented, positive, collaborative and creative. We connect climate action with sports, culture, business and everyday life.

Transparency equals trust

For some reason transparency has proven difficult for the legacy players within the carbon space.

At CHOOOSE we only charge a flat technology fee of $0.99 per month for your private subscription. Period.

✔ No hidden fees

✔ No added premium or profit on your money to the climate projects

✔ No «kickback-schemes» from intermediaries

✔ No «trading» of credits where we add to the price the project has set

✔ Access to all transactions and fees in WeCHOOOSE for corporate partners

Meet our carbon advisory board

CO2-project selection is informed and guided by the CHOOOSE carbon advisory board. The board is composed of leading experts on impact and carbon policy and climate science.

Olivier Levallois

Head of Carbon Solutions / Linkedin

Christian Thommessen

Executive Chairman, Former Director of Global Compact at UNDP


Lauren Gifford

Carbon Advisor, PHD, University of Colorado / Linkedin