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We believe in meeting people where they are. CHOOOSE has a unique mechanism that allows us to creatively plug measurable climate action into the pillars that shift culture: music, fashion, sports, eGaming, events, media and technology.

We combine real climate action with culture

We believe art, sports and culture are the most natural vehicles for connecting with ideas and building an engaged community. CHOOOSE partners with artists, athletes, creators, festivals and events to infuse measurable climate action with culture for all of us to enjoy.


Xiuhtezcatl recently released the first ever climate positive EP. Streaming any song off his Broken EP offsets 100X the CO2 an average person leaves behind for the duration of the song.


Matoma recently completed the first ever climate neutral world tour, which offset the daily amount of CO2 left behind by every concert goer. His next tour will be climate positive and offset even more quantities.

The Norwegian national Hockey team

Mixing climate action with sports

Sports and the Entertainment Industry has a fundamental role to raise awareness for climate action, and the Norwegian national hockey team takes lead together with CHOOOSE. Read more.

The Norwegian National Ski Jumping Team

Jumping for climate

The national ski jumping team of Norway got a collaboration with CHOOOSE to balance out their flights. Read more.

CHOOOSE on Instagram

How can travel be more sustainable? 🌎This is what our new partner @upnorway asked themselves when they started their company. Through tailored 'best-ever' journeys in Norway with a focus on local food and services, @upnorway wants to show the industry how the future of travel can make a difference.
Recently they launched perhaps Norway's most sustainable journey – The Discovery Route where you get to experience sustainability in action♻️. In addition, each trip is bundled with CHOOOSE, compensating for their unavoidable carbon footprint. thanks for fighting climate change with us, @upnorway ! 🌎 #climatepositive

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Friends! 💚We've put together a list of 7 must-watch documentaries about climate change for the weekend🌎🎥 Don't forget popcorn!🍿 link in bio! #climatepositive ...

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