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We believe in meeting people where they are. CHOOOSE has a unique mechanism that allows us to creatively plug measurable climate action into the pillars that shift culture: music, fashion, sports, eGaming, events, media and technology.

We combine real climate action with culture

We believe art, sports and culture are the most natural vehicles for connecting with ideas and building an engaged community. CHOOOSE partners with artists, athletes, creators, festivals and events to infuse measurable climate action with culture for all of us to enjoy.


Xiuhtezcatl recently released the first ever climate positive EP. Streaming any song off his Broken EP offsets 100X the CO2 an average person leaves behind for the duration of the song.


Matoma recently completed the first ever climate neutral world tour, which offset the daily amount of CO2 left behind by every concert goer. His next tour will be climate positive and offset even more quantities.

The Norwegian national Hockey team

Mixing climate action with sports

Sports and the Entertainment Industry has a fundamental role to raise awareness for climate action, and the Norwegian national hockey team takes lead together with CHOOOSE. Read more.

The Norwegian National Ski Jumping Team

Jumping for climate

The national ski jumping team of Norway got a collaboration with CHOOOSE to balance out their flights. Read more.

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Did you know that the energy and carbon footprint behind purchasing a new smartphone is the equivalent of using your old one for 10 years? 📱‎👣 Thankfully, there are companies out there aiming to give used and functional phones a second chance. Our new BFF @indy_norge offers used phones bundled with CHOOOSE - meaning each and every phone reduces 2 tonnes of CO2🌍 The climate effect is the equivalent of 1500 fewer showers of 10 minutes! ♻️ #INDYphone #ImNotDoneYet learn more at

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We took a look at 6 foods and drinks that are feeling the heat due to climate change — and the recipe to help prevent them from disappearing 🍷🍻🥖🐟 Link in bio! 💚 #climatepositive ...

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What makes the CEO and co-founder of @tise , Eirik Frøyland Rime, #climatepositive about the future?🌎 Link in bio! 👆🏽 ...

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