Welcome to the Anthropocene. Wait, what?

Here’s your guide to environmental buzzwords and their meaning.

It’s not always easy to keep up with expressions and concepts when speaking of climate change and the environment. Therefore, we’ve put together a series of articles presenting nice to know-environmental buzzwords. Each week we’ll present a new concept and simplify it.

Read up, and add a fancy scientist word to your everyday talk with neighbors, friends or colleagues to let them know that you’re acting on climate change, and they should too.

First up: the Anthropocene. Sounds like a Hollywood action movie, right? Anyways, this is what the dictionary says: «Relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity had been the dominant influence on climate and the environment».

To put it more simply, we’re moving into a new geological epoch. The current, or soon to be the old one, is the Holocene. A 10-12000 years period of stable climate. But the impact of humans is causing a fundamental shift in the earth system functioning, leading to biodiversity loss, climate change, land degradation, and so on.

Want to know when it started, how, and so on? Check out the video below.

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