Extreme Tech Chooosers

The world’s largest startup competition – Extreme Tech Challenge is an innovation competition unlike any other. It’s a chance for brilliant new entrepreneurs to be recognized and attract investment from leading tech luminaries. The grand opening of Extreme Tech Challenge this year started in Oslo and was arranged together with Startuplab and Oslo Business Region.

“The Nordics is the region with the most successful tech startups per capita, and the natural city of choice is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the region right now – Oslo. Oslo has a long history of environmental concern and has given itself four years to halve its greenhouse emissions, so it was great to say that all participants at this years event were climate neutral – or actually climate positive.” Says Fredrik Winther, Managing Director at Oslo Business Region.

The group of inventors, investors and entrepreneurs then went on to Haugastøl for some more tech-talks, snowkiting and adventuring. And some carbon neutralizing – because this year all participants were made carbon neutral by Chooose on the courtesy of Get during their entire stay in the Norwegian mountains.

The CEO of Norway´s largest broadband company Get, has the following to say about their green initative:

“By making the participants climate positive for 4 days we deleted 12 climate emissions, which equals 12 tonnes of CO2, which again equals about 450 years of recycling for one person and 1250 steak meals! “Stealing” climate quotas from the marketplace of the big polluting industries is a great way to make a change. One climate emission off the market, means one less available quota for them. It was an easy choice for Get!”

The Extreme Tech Challenge is a contest which is designed to identify emerging leaders that have the potential to dominate their markets, and reward them with greatly enhanced visibility, infrastructure and resources to scale quickly at low cost.

10 world class startups will be selected as semi-finalists to present on stage at CES, the world’s largest technology trade show, with three finalists presenting to a panel of judges on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island. The winners will receive resources to amplify their success and scale their companies. And hopefully, they will do this in a carbon neutral way as successful Chooosers.

These guys are gonna change the world, so do like they did and go carbon neutral today.

Photos: Sarah Son


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