What is Chooose?
Chooose offers instant carbon neutrality (based on average emission per person in your country) by buying and deleting CO2 emission permits. We simply buy emission permits, tear them apart, and throw them in the trash – making them unavailable for the bad polluters out there. We have eliminated thousands of tonnes so far, using the official UN and EU programs.

What’s a quota?
An emission permit is basically a permission to pollute 1 ton of CO2. But when we buy the permissions, we make sure that the big polluters can never turn the permission into a ton of CO2 in our atmosphere. One permission out (to us) means one permission less available for the big polluting industries. And one permission – 1 ton – is a whole lot of CO2!

Why the focus on rising CO2 levels?
The largest source of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is from the burning of fossil fuels and vegetation, arising from human activity. These emissions pose a threat to the survivability of all on the planet. CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are increasing at a rapid and accelerating rate. CO2 particles in the atmosphere absorb part of the solar energy radiated from the earth’s surface and emit some of it back to the earth’s surface – the greenhouse effect. This is causing average global temperatures to rise. The more CO2 in the atmosphere, the greater the rise in average global temperatures.

What are the effects of global warming?
Ice sheets covering Greenland, East Antarctica and the marine ice sheet covering West Antarctica have begun to melt, causing rising sea levels. In turn, this is causing flooding of coastal lands. When the sea levels rise, coastlines are eroded causing damage to infrastructure and buildings. Rising temperatures increase water vapor in the atmosphere, which in turn leads to increased rainfall in some areas and decreased rainfall in other areas. As sea levels rise and air temperatures increase, we experience more extreme or catastrophic weather events. Animals and plants that fail to adapt to these new conditions are threatened.

But what about homo sapiens?
We’ll be okey? Right? When everything else changes … sorry! A growing human population paired with less food crops due to drought, heat and fires … Also the heat and humidity … You get the general picture.

And what about developing countries?
We also buy quotas, called Certified Emission Reductions (let’s call them CERs from now on) from businesses in developing countries in cooperation with the UN. These quotas also represent one ton of CO2 each. The cash from these quotas help finance the green shift; a transition to products and services that give significantly reduced negative consequences for climate and the environment than those currently (e.g. a shift from coal to solar power).

Is it legal?
Yes, Chooose collaborates with the UN and we have access to the European carbon markets. We are, as the first ones globally, even removing emission permits using blockchain technology.

This is just paying my way out of the problem and leave it to developing countries. Right?
No. To us, that’s a political view, and we are not political. Our only concern is blocking and cutting as much CO2 as possible. The projects that receive funding from us in developing countries need such funding in order to be realized. They are not only cutting CO2. They create jobs, improve local air or water quality and have many other positive social impact effects.

How does preventing CO2 emissions in another part of the world help me?
What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. We’re all in this together. Think of the world as dominoes in motion. One good (or bad) thing over there, will lead to another good (or bad) thing right where you are. There’s also an elephant in the sky called the atmosphere. It affects all living things, ocean currents, weather, economies, welfare and virtually everything in between. Without it, we’re toast.

But the oceans will be fine, won’t they?
Hell no! The oceans and the atmosphere are linked in a symbiotic relationship. They’re partners for life, forever and ever. The world’s oceans absorb 93% of the heat trapped in the atmosphere. The more CO2 in the air, the more CO2 in our oceans. The result is rising sea levels, rising temperature, eradication of countless sensitive ecosystems, and a long list of other depressing stuff.

So now I can just fly as much as I want and pollute even more?
Well, that’s your choice, but it seems like a really bad idea. We are not about indulgence or an alternative to all the good things you can do yourself. But we are a low cost and high impact addition that removes a lot more CO2 than you can do at home.

This seems too easy, I don’t believe this is working?
That’s the thing. It works, and it’s quite easy, because the EU and the UN have both developed great systems. On paper. The problem is that the carbon markets are difficult to access (or even closed for you and me), and the big polluters have way too many emission permits available. Chooose changes this, and we use the same systems, definitions, measuring and data as the UN and other non-political, international organizations.

What’s Chooose’s slice of the cake?
We take a cut of $0.99 per month per person. We are impact driven, but the $0.99 enable us to expand Chooose and cut even more CO2. And we promise not to spend it on cakes.

How can I make my business climate positive?
Chooose can make your business and/or your employees climate positive in multiple ways. With our climate changing rapidly; is there a more natural employee benefit? We will do everything we can in supporting your business in capitalizing on the benefits in both internal and external marketing across multiple surfaces. Chooose can make your employees carbon neutral and your seminars climate neutral, and much much more. With our help, you’ll also get access to the Chooose pool of events and other cool businesses. Just contact us!

How can I make my products and services climate positive, they are not produced that way?
Nobody’s perfect. That’s why we’re here to help. Ideally, every product and service in the world should be produced in a sustainable way, but that’s not the case. Until that day, you can compensate by giving the world a helping hand. Almost everything can be climate positive, even this very text. Contact us for more information.

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