Ciao Bella! Fashion designer is first Italian Choooser

Renzo Mancini. Probably one of the coolest names ever and without a shadow of doubt 100% Italian. But Renzo is so much more than ”just an Italian”. He is a renowned kiter and the man behind global fashion brand ExKite. And a Choooser.

ExKite combines all of Renzo´s passions. Making high end fashion clothing by old kites combines his passion for sport, fashion, and care for nature. Becoming a Choooser was a natural choice for Renzo Manchooosini (as we call him).

“I feel great when i meet people that chooose to help the planet, he tells us, and adds that he will work on a capsule carbon neutral collection asap.”

“I am very EXKITED to work on this collaboration collection!”

Needless to say, all Chooosers should queue up and get ready for the climate neutral ExKite X Chooose line coming up. Killer combo – look better than all your friends and do some earthsaving at the same time?

If you can´t wait for the clothes to come out, skip the line and do like Renzo Manchooosini today.


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