Say hello to the first Swedish Choooser

Our first Swedish Choooser signed up yesterday and turned out to be… Steffen Sundelius, founder of Swedish eyewear brand Vasuma. The overall theme for their collection of unisex eyeglasses is that in Sweden bullies make fun of others wearing glasses by calling them “Eyewear snake”. Vasuma Eyewear is all about the revenge of the bullied “Eyewear snakes”. Now, perhaps it’s not very surprising Steffen became the first Swede to discover and join Chooose, as a founder of a culturally progressive fashion brand. “But why?”, we asked him:

“It was love at first sight. I stumbled upon this project on Facebook and it talked directly to me. I liked the playfulness of it all and I love the idea of a chooselution where we actually could take/buy back the power of our own environment. I mean, finally the problem and solution is broken down to something somewhat unambiguous. I travel a lot, I do climate compensate, but I mean, it’s not enough, becoming part of Chooose felt like a perfect way to at least try do something more and now I’ll just have to find a way to make this part of Vasuma Eyewear’s world-wide family.


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