Say hi to the first UK Choooser!

Our first UK Choooser is Emma Watkins, Founder of Agora – a Founders’ Club focused on powering the extraordinary & driving start up growth through focusing on three key principles: connection, mentorship & wellbeing.

“In a mountain lodge, nestled in the snowy plains of Norway with an extraordinary group of innovators from around the world, I came quite literally face to face with Chooose. An inspirational, quite unbelievably simple but game changing project which gives us the power to do environmental good & actually make a difference with little cost! I love it’s element of cheekiness, twinned with a real tangible outcome. I cannot wait to share with my Agora gang!”

Agora International Founder Membership here (conscious of pennies, so I would suggest the monthly recurring payment which is £7 – as long as you sign up before 18th April, if you’re able to!).

Do like Emma, become a CHOOOSER and GO CARBON NEUTRAL NOW.


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