Have you ever thought about the role tech companies can play in saving the world? We hadn’t thought too much about it either, until we got to know the Norwegian tech company Get.

 Many tech companies do a lot of good stuff, like only using renewable energy for their server parks. But Get really turns it up a notch, a lot more than other tech companies (and this is where the cool part comes in). In December, as a Christmas gift to all employees, they made everyone working for Get carbon neutral with Chooose throughout 2017. By doing that, Get alone cut almost 1.5% of everything the Norwegian government is doing this year. Quite cool and quite impressive what one single company can achieve.

Cutting edge mobile and broadband technology can actually play a significant role in reducing our carbon footprint. For instance, there is no good reason travelling with a plane from one city to another for one meeting, and then travel back (remember one return journey from Stockholm to London equals about 0.5 ton of CO2 per person) when you can use video conference – or just talk on the phone. The better this technology gets, the lesser reasons for making unnecessary travels.

Other cool stuff Get has done is renewal of their fleet of cars and all kind of energy saving systems at their premises, but in addition they have added this Chooose-twist with carbon neutral employees that we like a lot. If all companies had the same focus as Get on saving the environment by innovative and green solutions, effective use of electronic communication, and adding some Chooose spice on to – a whole lot of earthsaving would be done. It is also – and this is important – quite economically beneficial (travels and one million pages of printed paper does have a huge cost). If you can both save the environment and save money, well then two thumbs up from us.

Get have had a crazy journey from a small Norwegian start-up ‘till being in more than half a million homes throughout Norway and having almost 1000 employees. What we really like is that they still are run more like a startup than a huge corporation. They dare to fail (which they rarely do, as Get is hugely successful), they make quick and bold decisions, they have room for innovation and new ideas, and always seem to try having fun at work. Chooose have become Get’s biggest fans. You go Get!

Check out more on these cool guys at www.get.no