5 gifts for climate champs

… that aren’t things. 

Almost on a monthly basis you face occasions that require some sort of gift for someone you know. Birthdays, weddings, christmas. Reducing our consumption is a key part of the climate change issue. So what do you get for a climate champ, that doesn’t harm the planet?

  1. Eatables. Everyone needs food. But organic delicacies are rarely a priority amongst many. Get your friend some tasty cheese, homemade raspberry jam, locally brewed beer or some other everyday luxury for the fridge.
  2. Experiences. Book tickets for a standup show, the theatre or just a really good movie at the cinema with a proper portion of popcorn.
  3. Make them climate positive with a CHOOOSE subscription or giftcard! That means we reduce more than the CO2 footprint of your friend, by supporting projects in developing countries that replace fossil fuels with clean energy.
  4. Go treasure hunting for second-hand items – then you’ll know your gift is one of a kind.
  5. Giftcards are golden! Not for things, but for favors. It could be a game night, a weekend in the mountains, a massage, a three course dinner. Whatever rocks their boat.