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Connect climate action to your everyday life.

Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle, offset your flights, or the footprint of friends and family. The carbon reduction is achieved by supporting carbon reducing projects across the world.

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is your personal space on the internet where you can calculate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint from your everyday life.

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It's completely free to sign up, you only pay for the impact you choose to create.

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Select what climate projects you want to support based on the cause you care most about.

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Learn about your positive impact through engaging analogs relevant to everyday life.

Climate action at your fingertips

Your personal MyCHOOOSE account makes it easy to connect your everyday life and doings with impactful climate action. The portal lets you track your impact and address your carbon footprint from a variety of options – all in one place.

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The key to a low carbon footprint is to reduce as much as you can – and to offset the carbon footprint that you simply can’t avoid. Make your footprint count by supporting impactful climate projects for a better future.

Offset your carbon footprint

Let’s you connect climate action to your everyday life.

Climate action with CHOOOSE

How it Works

Sign-up for MyCHOOOSE, pick a plan that fits your lifestyle, and begin offsetting your personal carbon footprint.

Offset your carbon footprint through trusted carbon-reducing projects.

Follow and learn more about the projects that you’re supporting.

Track and share your impact, and invite friends and family to join you.

Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle

With a monthly subscription, you can directly support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. These projects are carefully handpicked by our international carbon advisory team, and verified by acknowledged institutions such as Veritas, DNV GL, and the United Nations.

Climate positive

[wcpbc_product_price product_id="54140"]

Reduce more than your average CO2 footprint. Monthly climate effect equals [product_equivalent product_id="54140" time="month" type="flights from Oslo to London"] fewer flights from Oslo to London.


Climate champion

[wcpbc_product_price product_id="55921"]

Reduce two times your average CO2 footprint. Monthly climate effect equals [product_equivalent product_id="55921" time="month" type="flights from Oslo to London"] fewer flights from Oslo to London.


Climate hero

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Reduce four times your average CO2 footprint. Monthly climate effect equals [product_equivalent product_id="55922" time="month" type="flights from Oslo to London"] fewer flights from Oslo to London.


Trusted climate action

Projects that protect people and the planet

MyCHOOOSE features updated access to diverse climate projects you can choose from. Simply pick the projects that's right for you and begin your climate journey.

Renewable energy

The transition from fossil-based energy production to renewable needs acceleration, and we support projects that verifiably reduce and offset emissions through clean energy alternatives.

Community projects

Community-focused projects help to address carbon emissions while supporting the local communities through solutions like improved cooking technology, improved access to water, and economic development.

Nature-based solutions

Nature has a time-tested ability to absorb and store carbon within the natural carbon cycle. Nature-based solutions include projects focused on reforestation and afforestation.

«The type of compensation projects CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standards of international emission reductions available today.»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

«The type of compensation projects CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standards of international emission reductions available today.»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

We make sure that your action counts

At CHOOOSE, trust is our most important value. We only charge our members a flat fee of $0.99 cents per month to help cover our technology and operating costs. The rest of your money goes directly to climate projects to maximize impact on your behalf. Operating with a flat fee is our way to ensure that the projects you support are selected based on merit only, and that CHOOOSE has no financial stake in the projects that our community is supporting.

As a Norwegian business, we’re monitored and audited on an annual basis to ensure that we’re always delivering our member community what we say we’re delivering. If you have questions or ideas for us, feel free to drop us a line at

What our users say

Individuals in 70+ countries are using CHOOOSE to make climate action an everyday activity.

Petter G.

“I've been a CHOOOSER for more than two years now, and contrary to what some might think, offsetting carbon with CHOOOSE is not about paying for good conscience. Since becoming "members" the entire family has become more aware of our carbon footprint, affecting our actions on a daily basis. In addition, it is a wonderful gift to give to friends and family who have everything they need.”

Ingeborg L.

It gives an amazingly good feeling to be able to remove co2 emissions by being a member of the chooose. I recommend this to family, friends and everyone who feels like they want to do something more to limit climate change 🌎💚

Enelin P.

“Great company with amazing vision! I'm a proud Hero member especially due to my frequent flying, thanks for all the great work you guys are doing!”

Combining climate action with sports and culture

Leading athletes and artists work with CHOOOSE to reduce their emissions and to address their unavoidable carbon footprint.



We’re so pumped to be partnering with CHOOOSE to offset our carbon footprint on tour and continue to navigate the environmental reality we all live in.



I think as humans, we need to find a balance in everything we do. Give back, as much as we consume. As an artist, I have to travel a lot. And while I think that is better than all my fans traveling to me, It still makes me worry. Because the environment is such a heart-matter to me. And therefore I wanted to work with CHOOOSE. So the balance is there. And hopefully making choices like these might inspire people to care as well.


Astrid S.

Partnering with CHOOOSE is a way for me to take responsibility for my touring, and create a positive impact from doing what I love.


girl in red

My job and passion involve a lot of traveling around the world. Now knowing that I'm not only making my touring carbon neutral but also carbon positive makes me so happy and relieved. I was so excited when I discovered CHOOOSE, because it was exactly the organization I wanted to exist but didn't really know it did. So I'm very happy to be working with CHOOOSE to help our one and only mother earth.



I think everyone asks "but what can I do?" CHOOOSE answered that question for me. With their help I'm so proud to have used my platform for not just awareness but also action, and am excited about collaborating with them in new ways to keep making positive change in the coming years.


Anna of the North

The environment has always been important to me, and even though it is virtually impossible to live a 100% sustainable life in the society we have today, I do try to do what I can. If everyone contributes their part, I think we can change the world


Morten Thorsby

I am trying my best to reduce my emissions as much as possible, but as a professional football player, some of my emissions are unavoidable. This is why I am teaming up with CHOOOSE to offset approximately the double of my actual carbon footprint.


National Norwegian Skijumping team

Climate change is a very important issue in our time. That's why we are so proud to be teaming up with CHOOOSE!

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