Namaste – and climate positivity

Chooose is all about people doing what they love, but also do some earth saving at the same time. Though we all know flights pollute quite significantly, for many people travelling is a passion and something that gives meaning to life. Most travel and experience providers do not think too much about carbon footprints or CO2, but guess what – there’s a new kid in town. Norwegian travel operator Inner & Outer Journeys has a whole different (and in our view a much better) approach to this. Their main purpose is to provide people with inspirational travels not only to new physical locations, but also to places your spirit and soul has never gone before. Yoga retreats at Bali, belly dancing in Morocco or swimming with whales in Sri Lanka are just some of the inspirational journeys they provide. But Inner & Outer Journeys are nature lovers, and are very aware of the footprint their activities leave on nature.

As a result, Inner & Outer Travels has decided to make all trips climate positive. Not just neutralizing their carbon footprint from flights, but actually doubling their neutrality into positivity (which again matches the purpose of their trips quite well). In addition, they are focusing on minimizing the footprint from their journeys in every way possible, making them a great “chooosebassador” for sustainable tourism and life experiences. In the jungle of tour operators out there, then it’s worth noticing which ones that seriously cares for nature as well.

Anniken Enger, CEO, explains:

“I was sitting on the airport in Bangkok after a nice yoga retreat feeling yet again into the paradox that to be able to detox our body and soul in this beautiful environment in Koh Phangang – our flights still emitted so much Co2 we didn’t even want to think of it…. Totally against our principles and values. I texted my good friend Per Espen Stoknes, on Green Growth on the Norwegian business academy BI, and asked for advice. He suggested we go climatePOSITIVE by supporting our travellers to buy not only the same amount of CO2 that our flight emitted – but to double it. We looked at different companies that offered carbon quotas – but they were all too technical and engineering looking. Then we found Chooose – and they fitted perfectly into our expectations: comprehensive explanations, fun layout and a very easy system for handling the transaction. So, we are very happy we found Chooose – and recommend all our customers (and everybody else for that matter) to take a double and go climatePOSITIVE.”

So the next time you board a plane or book a lifetime experience – think of what Inner & Outer Journeys do – and turn your inevitable flight into something larger.


Do like they do, and chooose today as the day you went positive. Namaste.

Photocredit: Aral Tasher. 


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