As Jackson Hinkle’s Bid for City Council Ends, His Journey Begins

At 19 years old Jackson Hinkle became one of the youngest people to run for City Council. As election results determine San Clemente’s politics, Hinkle gives thanks to those who supported him in this stage of his journey.

What were you doing when you were 19? Perhaps you were graduating high school or attending your first year of college. Maybe you were experiencing your first love or your first heartache. Or maybe you were cruising in your car with your friends, listening to your favorite music and thinking about all the possibilities that lay ahead of you. But if you are Jackson Hinkle at 19-years-old you were one of the youngest people ever to run for City Council.

Believing that politics should focus on being on the offense rather than on the defense when it comes to enacting the change we want to see in the world, Jackson decided to run for City Council his home city of San Clemente, CA. His love for surfing led him to life-changing experiences such as seeing the effects of environmental destruction in beaches around the world, which ultimately propelled his decision to enter local politics as well as becoming the Youth Director for us at CHOOOSE. His advocacy for climate positivity goes hand in hand with his love for his community and his active yearning for a political system that serves the people it represents and for the planet we live in.

At 19 Jackson is one of the most inspiring figures trying to make real change, and even though his young age and progressive agenda has initially made some people in the conservative community of San Clemente skeptical, his deep knowledge, empathy, and honest passion has allowed him to remain grounded and focused, bringing like-minded supporters together through his campaign.

We are proud of Jackson and that we get to call him CHOOOSE family. Even though the outcome of the election will not see Jackson joining the City Council, his run and the support his ideas have garnered along the way speak volumes to the real change that is in motion. This is only the beginning of an inspiring journey.

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Twitter: @hinkle4sc