Kids these days 💚

Meet the teenage-startup CO2NTROL – their slogan is taking back the control of emissions and the environment.

In the last few weeks, more than a million teenagers have skipped school to strike for the climate, inspired by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish student and climate activist. Among them were CO2NTROL, the startup by a group of teenagers from a high school in Oslo, studying entrepreneurship: Fie, Zacharias, Josephin, Madeleine & Sander. They recently advanced from the Oslo championships to the National Championships for youth businesses in April. Congrats!

– We knew from the beginning that we wanted to work within sustainability. Our slogan is taking back control of the environment and the massive co2 emissions taking place today.

Their bracelets are made of recycled metals, and produced in Nepal in collaboration with ABARENESS, securing good working conditions and salaries for the employees.

– Our first design has two bird icons, symbolizing freedom, and something we associate with the air and the skies, which is crucial in our business idea. The second design is a triangle with a line above it, symbolizing balance, equality, air, and gravity, which are reflected in our values, and also in the sustainability goals we focus on.

Together with CHOOOSE, they will reduce 1 ton of Co2 per bracelet sold. The bracelet is already seen on Petter Stordalen and Jenny Skavlan, and they are now starting a collab with Mobile, focusing on the business market.

– We will also produce new jewelry onwards, like necklaces, rings, and earrings.

The way they see it, the most important thing they can do, is to make people more aware of the situation.

– Global warming is widely known now, and we know that something needs to be done, but few are able to put it into perspective. We’re talking about the future of the young generation, and we have to do something. Inspired by CHOOOSE, we try to be «pink and positive» so that more can see that we are all able to make a difference.