A historical roar for the climate

… and an after work you don’t want to miss! 

CHOOOSE is proud to team up with Klimabrølet for an after work you don’t want to miss!

Limit global warming

While children and young adults from around the globe have taken to the streets to support climate action through Fridays for Future, Even Nord Rydningen thought it was time everyone got involved and showed their support too. Therefore Klimabrølet aims to bring together young and old, across political viewpoints and societal differences to demand policies that will limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

The event aims to gather 100 000 people to march in Oslo on August 30th, with events in several other cities across Norway as well.

And by the way: klimabrøl = climate roar.


The march itself has the goal of becoming the biggest in Norway yet, and will take place in several cities at 2pm with music and appeals starting at 3pm, finishing with the very much needed rooooar at the end – letting politicians know it’s time to act.

It is Klimabrølets view that politicians lack courage and mandate to make tough and necessary measures on behalf of all of us. This event will give it to them by 1) build and 2) make apparent a greater public support towards tougher climate policies than what we’ve seen so far.

CHOOOSE is happy to invite you and your friends to our Afterwork or AfterbrØL at ASIA Aker Brygge after the march, on August 30th at 5pm.