Bear Coast Coffee: The Climate Positive Beach Cafe

California’s Bear Coast Coffee has a climate positive menu, is near the beach, and is only an hour away from Los Angeles. Time to take a little out of town grub trip.

Win tickets to Matomas “One in a Million” documentary!

The documentary about Matoma’s life and the world’s first climate positive music tour is coming to a cinema near you.

Say hello to Slushtainability!

Hurray! Slush is launching a Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Fortum and CHOOOSE!

As Jackson Hinkle’s Bid for City Council Ends, His Journey Begins

At 19 years old Jackson Hinkle became one of the youngest people to run for City Council. As election results determine San Clemente’s politics, Hinkle gives thanks to those who supported him in this stage of his journey.

Join us for the world’s first climate positive afterwork!

Our great partner Asia Aker Brygge are now initiating the first #climatepositive afterwork ever in a series of events.

A LØVE STORY: The whale-friendly design studio

The Norwegian indie design brand SJØLØVE PLASTFANGST cleans the ocean and utilizes marine plastic waste as resources for their stuff – as well as CHOOOSE’ING climate positive distribution.

The world’s most climate positive Christmas gift. Ever!

Are you hunting for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who loves Planet Earth? Good news, we got you covered with a gift card from CHOOOSE!

South Pole and CHOOOSE join forces to drive climate action for all

CHOOOSE is making waves by signing a partnership agreement to source all our carbon credits from South Pole, the world’s leading sustainability solutions provider.

Ever heard of a climate positive taquitos?

Well, this is the world’s first! 👋🏼🌮🎉 Our friends at ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo have teamed up for our 100% Oslo campaign, where our goal is to make Oslo the world’s first climate positive city.

The morning rave that cleans the planet as you dance

Mornings are made up of rituals; pressing snooze, drinking coffee, getting to the shower before anyone else wakes up. But what if your ritual involved a party in the wee hours of the morning that leave you feeling energetic, grateful, and inspired all before going to work?

CHOOOSE visiting Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson about Norwegian climate-startup: We are hunting for people and ideas that can literally change the world. CHOOOSE is doing a really important job! This weekend, the award-winning, Norwegian climate startup CHOOOSE visited Sir Richard Branson on his private island to present at Extreme Tech Challenge.