Small bottle – big impact

Here’s the bottle that stops 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. 

The Ocean Bottle empowers individuals to turn the tap off ocean plastic, by funding plastic collectors and developing long-term recycling infrastructure at the top sources of ocean plastic around the world.

It’s a stainless steel reusable bottle designed in Norway by K8. Combining stainless steel vacuum insulation and an innovative dual lid means that you can fill it with any kind of beverage and keep it cool or hot, but still be able to clean it in the dishwasher.

The Ocean Bottle’s impact goal is to fund collection equivalent to 3 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles every year by 2025.


They aim to do this together with The Plastic Bank, an organization who are looking to make ocean-bound plastic an asset to some of the world’s poorest, by giving plastic waste a higher value and creating a habit of collection where it is currently free to drift into the oceans. Together they will be funding plastic collectors in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines but are constantly looking to expand operations.

– The increase in income for plastic collectors can be life changing and the rewards they receive through the Plastic Bank’s blockchain payment system include money, products, off-grid solar, medical insurance and even access to microfinance.

How to get one

The first batch of bottles will be available to the public for Summer 2019. The bottles will then be sold for £40 on The Ocean Bottle website and in select retail locations. Pre-order yours at