Let’s turn Oslo into the world’s first climate positive city!

CHOOOSE, in collaboration with Oslo Business Region and the communication agency JCP, have launched the campaign «100% Oslo» where our mission is to make Oslo become the world’s first climate positive city.

The goal is to cut more CO2 than the total climate cut goal that Oslo has set for 2019, thus helping to make Oslo not only climate-neutral but climate positive.

– We at Oslo Business Region focus our work on engaging people and businesses to create cuts on a local level. However, we know that solutions in some areas, such as flights cannot be solved locally. Therefore, we support the campaign’s purpose of engaging individuals and companies to combat climate change by cutting emissions, primarily at the local level but also by supplementing the purchase of carbon credits says Birgit Liodden, Director of Sustainability, Ocean Industries, and Communications at the Oslo Business Region.

On behalf of individuals and companies, CHOOOSE buys and deletes carbon credits. These credits fund UN-verified CO2-reducing projects in developing countries that help accelerate the green shift.

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– We want to help people and businesses reduce their climate footprint while making the company’s sustainability responsibility something fun and playful. Our goal is to help Oslo become climate positive in 2019, as the world’s first city, and create a lasting and positive change of attitude among the population. The longer-term goal is to create a competitive situation between world cities to perform best on climate cuts, says Martine Kveim, one of the founders of CHOOOSE.

The world’s first climate-positive capital

The City Council of Oslo Municipality has adopted a climate target where Oslo will cut 460,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents between 2015 and 2020. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo by 50 percent compared with 1990 levels by 2020. In 1990, emissions in Oslo were 1.1. million tons. This means that emissions must be cut by 600,000 tonnes during 2020.

– Oslo municipality wants to cut a lot, but we will cut even more than the CO2 cut target set for this year. In total, we have ambitions to cut over 180,000 tonnes of CO2. This project was launched recently and we are already over halfway! On that note, this is something that comes in addition to Oslo’s adopted climate target. We believe that both the business community and individuals must contribute to taking their responsibility, explains Martine Kveim.

Together with our partners, we have cut over half of the target, which is set to 180,000 tonnes of CO2:

The project 100% Oslo will be completed October 2019 with a climate report to be handed over to the UN, the Oslo municipality and the Government as a relay stick to Lisbon which is next year’s climate capital.

Do you want to help make both yourself and Oslo climate positive?

For just kr 588,00 per year you delete 11 tonnes CO2, more than the average personal environmental footprintAdditionally, you help fund UN-verified CO2-reducing projects in developing countries that produce clean energy.

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CHOOOSE-membership 2019

kr 588,00

As a company, you can choose between different partner packages starting at NOK 90,000, which corresponds to 1800 tons of CO2 or one percent of Oslo’s climate target.  

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