The all-in-one climate toolkit

Integrate climate compensation anywhere you engage your customers

CONNECT ™ provides everything you need to deliver seamless, high-impact climate compensation options to your customers — directly in your e-commerce checkout or consumer application.

Enterprise grade APIs

Secure and reliable, our APIs can be used for mission-critical systems.

Customer loyalty

75% of consumers < 34 are willing to pay more for brands committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Carbon backend

CHOOOSE handles 'everything carbon' for your offset program.

Trusted by leading companies

How it Works

CHOOOSE is working to make it easy for more businesses to achieve their climate goals by enabling their customer communities.

CHOOOSE Connect is a digital toolkit that provides all of the components needed to launch and support customer-facing climate compensation programs.


Trusted climate action, just an HTTPS call away.

Securely integrate with the CHOOOSE APIs to begin offering voluntary climate compensation options directly in your e-commerce store or any digital channel. CHOOOSE APIs support a broad range of carbon emission calculations, and facilitate compensation order and customer management.

Climate impact

Third-party verified climate projects

Work with the CHOOOSE Carbon Team to hand-select the right climate projects to power your program. From verified carbon offsets to future-looking Nature-based Solutions, CHOOOSE actively sources and manages a global portfolio of climate projects from which Partners can select. Once live, CHOOOSE handles all of the details around project administration and reporting.

Customer experience

Inspire your customers

CHOOOSE delivers engaging experiences for your customers as they choose to climate compensate. From educational landing pages to digital badges, CHOOOSE enables you and your customers to share the impact you are achieving together and to inspire more action.


Track and Optimize

CHOOOSE provides Partners a logged-in experience to analyze and report on program performance, helping partners to understand how their customers are receiving the program, and to power corporate sustainability reporting and communications.

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You're in good hands

CHOOOSE provides advisory services across all program facets. From selecting climate projects, to measuring emissions, to technical design and development, CHOOOSE works with its partners to plan, launch and support climate programs.

If you’re interested in providing your customers climate compensation but you do not directly manage an e-commerce store or consumer application, we can work with you to deliver a range of hosted solutions.

«Together we are offering a best-in-class solution for our customers»

Geir Karlsen
CFO, Norwegian Air Shuttle

Statements from a few select partners

Norwegian Air

CFO of Norwegian, Geir Karlsen

“CHOOOSE has achieved a lot in a short time, and together we are offering a best-in-class solution for our customers through CHOOOSE’s seamless integration solution. CHOOOSE operates in an area that is developing rapidly and absolutely necessary, and represents a new, refreshing approach to climate action.”
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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Director of Sustainability, Matt Gorman

“We are proud to be partnering with CHOOOSE to make this impactful offsetting choice available to passengers, regardless of what airline they are traveling with. This service will be available online as a hosted solution while we also work on a plan to trial offsetting kiosks in our terminals”.
Offset my flight with Heathrow

Looking for Company offsetting?

enables your business to effortlessly calculate and offset its carbon footprint, to understand and engage with your positive impact and relate to the projects you are supporting.

The new standard in climate action

CHOOOSE actively sources and manages a global portfolio of climate projects from which Partners can select to power their climate compensation programs. From verified carbon offset projects to future-looking Nature-based solutions, CHOOOSE enables partners to easily offer climate compensation that fits their corporate and consumer preferences.

We got your (carbon) back: Once programs are live and customers are opting-in, CHOOOSE handles all of the details, from recurring climate compensation execution (i.e. carbon credit retirement and certification), offset volume forecasting, technical administration, and compensation reporting.

«The type of compensation projects CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standards of international emission reductions available today.»

Niclas Svenningsen
Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

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