3 climate change podcasts for your commute

These are worth checking out. 

1. First, you need to know the basics. Making sense is a podcast by Sam Harris, exploring a new topic in each episode. In this one from 2017, Harris dives into the ABC of climate change and what you need to know. It covers everything from sea level rise to policies and lasts for a bit more than two hours.

2. Moving on, Climate One is a great podcast if you prefer to dive into the topics that really engage you. A recent episode discussed the circular economy, while another raised the question of how we can justify the environmental cost of traveling. The Climate One podcast aims to change the conversation by inviting scientists, policymakers, activists, and citizens to share information that can be useful for those wanting to make a difference. 

3. This one goes out to our Norwegian friends! Radical Broccoli, the two sisters running the blog by the same name, also have a podcast. It covers everything from the climate strike to flight shaming and talks about how to pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle, eating plant-based, including everyday challenges. And by the way, check out their episode from June 19th to get to know CHOOOSE even better!