A Crash Course In Repurposing Clothing

Revamping old clothes is the new black

We’ve talked a bit about ways to minimize our carbon footprints, from taking multi-use containers to replace any single use plastic, to adopting more eco-friendly means of transportation. Another thing we’ve mentioned a few times are second-hand clothes to replace all fast fashion, whether that’s through clothing swaps with friends and strangers, to thrifting. But another sustainable way to add some style into your wardrobe is repurposing clothes.

Listen, as thrifters we understand sometimes things can look just a bit too old, dowdy, out of touch, but with some scissors, thread and needle, a good playlist to keep you motivated, and a hint of patience, you can make any garment from the thrift store look not only brand new but entirely your own. And with the internet being a never-ending well of knowledge, there is really no viable excuse for saying, “I don’t know how to do that.” Below are a few videos we like that can give a little insight into a life change that can have a big impact in your life and on your carbon footprint.