Ski-innovator Chooose today

Ski-innovator Jens-Martin Johnsrud of Stereo skis tells his story about becoming a Choooser:

“We humans are just one of the 8.7 million species living on this planet, yet we are the ones who are destroying it! We are also the ones who are responsible to make a change! As the entrepreneur of Stereo Skis my job is to develop skis. I love being out in the mountains as much as I can and it is easy to see that our climate and beautiful nature is fragile. I recycle bottles and drive a hybrid car, but we all know that it takes more than that from each one of us. I decided to become a Choooser since it really seems to be the best way of compensating for our CO2 emission. At the cost of less than a beer each month I am taking one average CO2 emission off the market and becoming CO2 neutral! Incredible! Perhaps you should do it yourself!