Snow chaser and renowned extreme skier goes climate positive

Extreme skier, snow chaser, ski moviestar and film producer Nicolai Schirmer joins Chooose. Shirmer is a full-time professional skier, and also an ambassador for brands like Norrøna. We asked him why he decided to join Chooose.

I came across Chooose through a friend. As a skier and through my film work I travel all across the world, mostly chasing snow. The line between snow and rain is super slim, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve arrived at a destination only to have it be a couple of degrees too warm. The irony of being bummed out by warm temperatures, while burning the very fossil fuels that cause them isn’t lost on me. An initiative like Chooose only puts me back about a coffee a month, while helping me alleviate the cognitive dissonance caused by the snow chasing.

Next season will be a climate positive one for Schirmer, as Chooose will make him a “chooosebassador” and offset way more CO2 than his snow chasing will leave behind. So Shcirmer can continue doing what he loves, but contribute in saving the world a little bit at the same time. Stay tuned for some exclusive clips and pics from his upcoming adventures. You can go climate positive too!