South Pole x CHOOOSE

The South Pole Team offsets our carbon footprint as members of the CHOOOSE #climatepositive community. We invite you to join us.

kr 49,00 / month
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Remove your whole CO2
footprint (37000 pounds per year).

 The emissions permits we buy and retire on your behalf support projects which adhere to the highest quality standards. They not only protect the global climate, but also sustain biodiversity, create jobs, reduce poverty and improve health and gender equality among local communities. These projects support achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

There are one billion people alive on Earth today who don’t have access to electricity. And over seven billion who don’t have access to clean, abundant, zero marginal cost energy. The transition to an era where this is no longer the case is the challenge of our times, and it can be a fun one.

Humanity has transcended every challenge we’ve ever faced; this one won’t be last, but it is next. We didn’t make it this far to only make it this far.  Let’s go humans. Now is our time to win.