Pick & make your own summer snacks

It doesn’t get more local than these ingredients, and they’re free for everyone to pick! 

The production of food and your choice of diet has a huge impact on planet earth and GHG-emissions. To consume local food is one of many steps you can make in your efforts to reduce your foodprint. And it doesn’t get more local than picking ingredients from your local forest or backyard! And oh, it’s fun and tastes good as well.

Here are three recipes for you to try out:

Wild Garlic Pesto

It’s known as the garlic of the north, and used by several Michelin restaurants. Plus, it has many health benefits and reallyyy adds flavor.

Spruce Tip Syrup

Perfect for ice cream or pancakes!

Elderflower Cordial

Mix it up with apple juice and ginger for a twist.

We’ve also put together some food for thought on ways to eat more environmentally friendly.

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