Five Sustainable Habits to Try This Year

Five tips for a more sustainable 2019

Happy new year! With the start of 2019 finally here there’s plenty of room to continue evolving, and if you’re anything like us one of your resolutions is to create new environmentally-friendly habits. Below we’ve put together some ideas as to what you can do to make 2019 your greenest year yet. Remember there’s no action too insignificant when it comes to change, so whether you change little habits or make life changing decisions, it’s all part of the journey.

Cook At Home

This goal covers a lot of bases. You can not only meet your health goals by really taking control over what ingredients go into your body, but avoiding takeout will also cut the amount of waste you are responsible for. Ordering food for delivery usually means various layers of food packaging, from sauce packets to the container-inside-a-bag-inside-another-bag and the unavoidable plastic utensils that are paired with your order. Whether you cut takeout out for a week or a month or longer, it will definitely have an effect on your footprint overall.

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Clean Our Your Closet

What better way to make room for the future than by literally getting rid of the past. Odds are you’ve been collecting excess baggage throughout the years, from houseware that needs to be replaced, to clothes and accessories that don’t fit or you simply don’t like anymore. Clearing out your physical space also helps clear your mind and spirit, making change easier to embrace and stick, so grab those big Ikea bags you probably have hidden in a closet and make your way to a donation or resale center near you. This will give you a chance to make better choices that fit your current or future self – just make sure to thrift or buy from environmentally conscious sellers when buying new things for the new you.

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Practice Mindfulness

“Wherever you are, be there totally,” says Eckhart Tolle. Mindfulness has become a more regular point of conversation in the past few years, and it’s no wonder why. With many things happening in our busy world feeling anxious and overwhelmed has reached a new peak in our human history. Mindfulness is a way to stay present and focus on the now rather than dwell on the past or anticipate the future. With practice we can use mindfulness in every part of our lives, from our relationships to ourselves and others, to our work, our goals, and even eating. Mindfulness when eating will make you consider what you are putting in your body and why, which reshapes our relationship with food and waste. While it may be hard to psych yourself up to start practicing mindfulness, once you start you will realize there are no downsides!

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Keep a Trash Diary

This tip may be a bit out of the ordinary, but keeping tabs on your waste for a few days will shed new light on your habits and be able to offer some accountability for yourself. Looking at a fact-based log on how much trash you produce is a surefire way to understand what needs work so you can build better habits for the world and for your wallet. For example, did you know some coffee places offer slight discounts when you bring your own mug or thermos? Or have you ever really taken into account how much packaging and money you quickly throw away on buying lunch out? The goal here is not to feel guilty, but to replace wherever possible and to cut yourself some slack by understanding what you can and cannot change from your daily habits. 

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Make Your Own ___

The internet is a weird place, where you can spend hours watching videos of cats dancing before you realize how much time has passed, but it’s also a veritable well of knowledge, where you can learn any sort of new skill you can think of. So why not take advantage of those internet wormholes by learning how to make something at home, such as toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, or shampoo. Not only will you feel accomplished having created something of your own, but you will minimize on package waste, not to mention it will also end up saving you money. Who knows, maybe cutting out on buying premade shampoo will save you enough for that weekend trip you’ve been wanting to take for a while now.

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