Measurable impact, absolute transparency

CHOOOSE is about making real measurable impact that we can share with our partners and the climate positive community we serve.

CHOOOSE only charges a flat fee of $0.99 per month per subscription. No matter how much you choose to spend on your subscription, we still only charge less than a dollar per month for covering our costs of running the platform for individuals taking massive action against global warming. We always retire at least the amount your subscription covers, but if we end up not spending the entire amount, we will buy more than the minimum amount you subscribe for.

When we purchase and delete carbon credits on behalf of the brands and individuals we serve, we receive confirmation certificates from the United Nations and/or the relevant registries (e.g. the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment) confirming the carbon credits have been retired.

We work with the United Nations, the leading global sustainability provider South Pole, and top academics to identify the best sustainable development projects worldwide. All partners, community members and subscribers will receive detailed information on the projects they support with their carbon credit offsetting via our CHOOOSE Newsletters. Please find below links and information to projects you as an individual member have contributed to date. Future projects related to the individual subscriptions will also be uploaded here. We are also developing a technology for setting the new standard for transparency and traceability of both impact and flow of funds. Stay tuned for updates.

Here are the projects our individual members have participated in to date

Za Hung Hydropower, Vietnam

Project description/google maps
- CHOOOSE volume: 10 000 tons of CO2 reduction

Carbon credit number retired: 11050686 11060685, 5-0-CER project no. 4551

The Za Hung Hydropower is situated at the A Vuong River in the Quang Nam province, in the South Central region of Vietnam. With an electricity generation of 114,079 MWh per year, the plant contributes to bridging the supply-demand gap in the region and improves the livelihoods of local communities where minority ethnic groups live. The project supports sustainable development in the region by creating jobs for local villagers, and by funding the construction of road infrastructure and houses. In addition, the project owner has set up a grant fund that donates money to households affected by severe floods in recent years. Due to the Za Hung Hydropower Plant, local communities benefit from improved electricity, drainage, roads, and better air quality.

Bangna Biogas, Thailand

Project description/google maps
- CHOOOSE volume: 7 500 tons of CO2 reduction

Carbon credit number retired: 13324641-13332140, 5-0 CER project no. 2556

Harmful and odorous methane emissions from wastewater have been cleverly repurposed to generate biogas energy at a Cassava starch plant in the Kalasin Province. This has greatly improved the air quality of the area and created new training and job opportunities for local workers.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Project at Gujarat, India:

Project description/google maps
- CHOOOSE volume: 10 000 tons of CO2 reduction

Carbon credit number retired: IN‐5‐237688227‐2‐2‐0‐8671 – IN‐5‐237698226‐2‐2‐0‐8671, CER project no. 8671

The main purpose of this project activity is to generate a clean form of electricity through renewable solar energy source. The project activity involves installations of 15 MW solar photovoltaic technology based power project in Village-Wadgam, Tehsil-Khambat in Anand District in the state of Gujarat. The project is using thin-film CdTe technology for its 15 MW project. The Solar power system is designed with number of sub-main plants and solar PV arrays. Solar grid-connected inverters of suitable capacity are used.

Bac Lieu wind farm in Vietnam

Project description

Located on South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, the Bac Lieu wind farm delivers clean wind electricity to the national power grid. It is the first large-scale coastal wind power project in Vietnam, generating approximately 327,826 MWh of renewable wind energy per year, mitigating carbon emissions and supporting local development through investment in community activities.